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A Response to Mike's Poem

CompLexity Returns to G7, EG Added.

INSIDER ESPORTS -  G7 accepts the CompLexity organization to return to it's list of teams. Fellow North American juggernaut, Evil Geniuses, added as well.

Earlier this year, Jason Lake announced that he would be representing himself at G7. However, G7 has announced that he will no longer be representing himself, but his team and organization. G7 goes on to say that, Alex Garfield's team Evil Geniuses has successfully joined G7's ranks after their three month probationary period.

G7 as also given word that, Wisdom Nerve Victory(wNv), a renown Chinese team as well as a founding G7 member, will no longer be apart of the e-sports federation.

From G7's official statement:

 "Alex Garfield, Executive Director of Team EG and representative to G7, has been an active participant in G7 Teams discussions and programs. G7 Teams would also like to welcome compLexity back to G7 Teams. While Jason Lake has been working with G7 for over a year as an individual, his work and contributions will now represent the compLexity organization"

G7 Current Teams & Members:




SK Gaming

Meet you Makers

made in brazil

Evil Geniuses

Individual: Craig Levine


Source: www.g7teams.com

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