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Wow guys...... its been a LONG time.
Just drained.
Sorry for not being on.

Sorry for not being on.

Whats up guys and gals? Sorry for not being on as much as I should be. Its been fucking hell the past 3-4 weeks and I really havent had that much spare time on my hands to do jack dick as far as IE goes and I know that I should be busting my balls right now.

The last couple of weeks have had my phone tied up because my grandma has been back and forth to the DR because of her heart. Shes had all of us scared shitless thinking we were gonna lose her due to a heart attack. So, thankfully, they put a pace maker in her this morning and the surgery went smoothly. OSU hospital ftw!

Last thursday, I turned the big 1-8. Yes, its exciting. But, I can barely take 2 steps into the Lions Den w/o having to show my I.D. Literally, 2 steps people!

This weekend was mainly spent going shopping for shit ive been needing to pick up. Laptop was #1 on that list. Got it last night. Now, Street Fighter 4 and Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon are next. Valentines Day is coming up and ill probably spend it at home, as usual.

Hopefully, sometime this week/month, I can get an interview up with a certain gamer we have all come to know and love before his BIG tv reality show drops.

Thats basically it for me. Drop by #insideresports in the irc to chat it up. C U all there.


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