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A Sit Down with Synt

INSIDER ESPORTS - Michael Fleming sits down with Tansel "synt" Aslan, formally of Dynamo Gaming, to talk about their acquisition to new Canadian team, Team Vortex.


Could you please introduce yourself?

Hi.  My name is Tansel 'synt' Aslan and I currently play for Team Vortex’s 1.6 team, formerly known as Dynamo Gaming.


Some of the players on the team aren’t what many would consider “big” names.  Tell us a little bit about the players themselves.  Where do all of you come from?

Matt "knc1" Arnold is the strat caller of the team and plays a huge role in our success because without him our teamwork wouldn't be what it is right now.  Seth "ScorpioN" Nagelberg is another important piece of the puzzle as he gets the key frags a lot of the times and plays the supporting role where he usually covers our entry fraggers and makes sure we don't get flanked, etc.

Evan "emode" Patrao is the team AWPer even though we don’t really have one but if we need someone to AWP, he’s the main guy to do it.  He's a threat with every gun and is our main entry fragger so his success is important for our round win. Tyler "medic" James is the new guy on the team and he’s been fitting in really well so far.  He's probably the all around best player on our team as he can pick up any gun during a round and make a huge impact with it.

Now that leaves me… I’m obviously the best player in the world! Hahaha; With all kidding aside, I’m usually the support player like scorpion to make sure our entry fragger doesn’t get flanked and I'm also one of the first ones always into a site.  I really like being the aggressive player on the team; other than that my biggest asset would have to be being able to use any gun if needed and a team player.

Also, one thing about our team is every player on this team is consistent so it really makes us a consistent team and if one of us is hitting their shots then it only makes the situation better.  In the end all of us play a vital role and wouldn't be successful without each other.


What are some goals that you guys have for the next few months?

Overall, our goal is to be the best obviously.  But in all seriousness right now we're participating in CEVO-Main, having missed out on CEVO-Professional by one match, and ESEA-Main, so we really want a top three finish in both leagues by the end of the season.  We also have a LAN coming up in March, ETS LAN 2009, and our goal for that is 1st place.  There are solid teams such as NSU and EG.ca attending so it’ll be a tough but fun tournament.

 Team Vortex Logo

Speaking of NSU, they recently delivered your first loss in CEVO-Main.  Was this just a fluke or is Dynamo still behind teams like Green Berets, CompLexity, and NSU?

Well, in Counter Strike anything can happen on any given day.  With that said, NSU was the better team that night and we have no excuses whatsoever.  We're still able to compete with the top teams though as we've recently beat GB in Newegg in convincing fashion and have beaten zEx, backfire and Dynasty to name a few teams so I still believe we're a top team and in time we should be a top team in North America hopefully.


What exactly is Bryan and Team Vortex providing you guys?

Bryan and Team Vortex is providing everything a professional organization provides.  He has fully funded us for the trip to ETS LAN so we couldn't be happier.  He has a dream to make it big in Esports so I really respect that (Reminds me of the Jason Lake story) =)


So will we see Bryan attending the events with you guys?  Kicking a few chairs, perhaps?

Hahaha.  Well that would be funny to see him kick the chairs ;) but yeah, he's going to be coming to ETS with us which makes me excited because it shows me he truly believes in us and wants to be involved with the team as much as possible.

Team Dynamo has been performing very well in CEVO-Main so far.  Do you think you guys have a good shot in the playoffs, should you make it?  What other teams do you predict to make it in?

I honestly think we have a really good chance at winning CEVO-main as long as we keep practicing... our loss to NSU [on de_dust2] won’t set us back; it'll only make us stronger.  I expect to see teams like NSU, complexity, backfire, etc. in the playoffs. This is probably the toughest CEVO-main to date so it’s exciting =).

Any shout outs?

I'd like to thank Bryan and Vortex for this opportunity which in the end helps us get to all the LANS we want and i'd also like to thank our sponsors/support.....IMG, Dchozn (Freelance Video Designer) and Quantum Servers.  Also I’d like to give shout outs to all ma dev bois =) hoLLLLLLALALALA!!

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