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Dynamo to Team Vortex

INSIDER ESPORTS - New Canadian organization Vortex announces the addition of Dynamo, currently 6-1 in CEVO-Main.

The Canadian eSports scene isn't dead quite yet.

Tonight, a new Canadian organization, Team Vortex, publically released their website and announced their first team, former CEVO-Main team Dynamo.  Led by Bryan "RiF" Plant, the organization is poised to bring change to Canadian eSports.  They want to create a website "that will be the place for all Canadians to gather so they can watch the future of Canadian esports grow and expand."

"It's been nearly a year, but I can finally say that I'm very excited to see the site up and running, along with picking up a solid Counter Strike squad. They'll be a team to watch out for at any Canadian event," Plant said.

Team Dynamo has done very well in CEVO-Main so far, with their only loss coming from North Stars United.

"With that said I'd like to welcome the former Dynamo Gaming to the Organization and I wish them the best of luck in the current season, and am eager to see them grow into the champions they are under the Vortex name," Plant added in a statement on their website.

Team leader Tansel "synt" Aslan said that "Bryan and Team Vortex is providing [us] everything a professional organization provides.  He's fully funded us for the trip to ETS LAN so we couldn't be happier.  He has a dream to make it big in Esports so I really respect that".

The Team Vortex roster is:

Matt "knc1" Arnold

Tyler "medic" James

Tansel "synt" Aslan

Seth "ScorpioN" Nagelberg

Evan "emode" Patrao

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