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CEVO P Week 3.1 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - Michael "peawok" Fleming discusses the matches tonight and gives his predictions for each.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely Michael Fleming's and do not relate back to Insider eSports as a whole.

Another week begins tonight with two undefeated teams - x3o and Gravitas Gaming - facing off, Frag Dominant trying to get back on their win streak, EG.usa trying to get back into the mix and Legacy and eMazing Gaming still looking for their first win.  This season is turning out to be another crazy one and I believe it comes mostly from the massive wave back to 1.6.  There are so many good teams now that it's hard to give anyone strictly the edge and - regardless of how the regular season finishes - the first seed might not win.  I guess that has happened often, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a 5th seeded EG.usa, as an example, winning it all after a few months back on the 1.6 scene.

Regardless, tonight is another night and it's best not to look too far down the road.  Here are my predictions for tonight's matches:


MoB GamingLegacy vs. MoB Gaming

Both Legacy and MoB Gaming haven't played very well so far.  Legacy is 0-4 with their only close match against Team 34.  MoB Gaming has been a disappointment for me so far; their team - consisting of players like Sonny, Org and StrikeR - has potential.  I'm guessing that they haven't quite adjusted back to 1.6 yet.  They have gotten close - such as their 13-16 loss against Gravitas - that's for sure, but they haven't been able to get "over the top".  And let's not forget their terrible 16-13 loss against iDemise on Sunday.  That was, however, on de_forge so don't put too much thought into it.  I think they can beat Legacy tonight, however.  Legacy hasn't played well at all and I don't see that changing against MoB.

The Prediction:

Legacy is going to get stomped on this game, I think.  They haven't played well at all yet and MoB Gaming has just had it rough.  The only thing going for Legacy is that the map is de_dust2, one that everyone knows like the back of their hand.  Legacy could surprise me here but I think MoB is going to end up taking the game, 16-9.


Frag Dominant vs. EG.usa

Frag Dominant is performing fairly well; their only loss was on Sunday to the undefeated x3o.  They are sitting at 3-1 right now, but looks can be deceiving; Aside from Team x3o, their opponents are a measly 2-10.  While being 3-1 might look good, it doesn't tell the whole story.  In reality, they haven't been tested against the best of the best.  EG.usa is that challenge, though.  While they are only 1-2, they have played fairly strongly and recently won the KODE5 Qualifiers at Lethal Gamers, Texas.  That LAN experience is sure to help them in CEVO.  Both teams are unproven right now, but statistically speaking (in CEVO at least), the scale certainly dips toward Frag Dominant.

The Prediction:

I think everyone can make an argument for either of these teams.  EG.usa is very good and I am going to guess that they didn't practice de_forge too much (which, ultimately, bit them in the butt) because of Lethal Gamers.  Frag Dominant has done well but the teams they played aren't very good.  Add de_dust2 into this mix, and you get a very hard game to predict.  I'm going with EG.  I think the LAN practice has helped them and another loss for them would certainly not look good for the EG organization.  EG.usa wins this one, 16-11.


Team EG - www.myeg.net

iDemise vs. EG.ca

iDemise played very well on de_forge, winning both their games to bring themselves back to 2-2.  Tonight, they go up against EG.ca, a mixture of the old Sway Gaming and a few former EG.ca players.  Many would argue that EG.ca is not a top team and their record, unfortunetly, confirms that so far.  They were destroyed by their partners in crime, EG.usa, 16-4 a few matches back on de_inferno and lost 16-10 to Frag Dominant.  Certainly, they are not in their top shape right now.  iDemise didn't look good on de_inferno, but they did play against Gravitas Gaming and the surprisingly good Team 34.  Like de_forge, de_dust2 might be their map.

The Prediction:

This is another difficult one because both these teams have had their ups and downs.  EG.ca, I expect, will be one of those up and down teams and probably end up somewhere towards the bottom this season, but the question is whether or not this is an "iDemise" map.  Will iDemise perform well on this map like they did with de_forge or will it turn into a de_inferno disaster?  I can't really decide, but I think EG.ca will find a win tonight.  EG.ca wins 16-13.


Team 34 vs. eMazing Gaming

If anyone knows what Team 34 has been doing differently, please let me know.  They are playing very well so far - even taking x3o to overtime - and I will be the first to admit I am very impressed and was wrong about this team preseason.  Their wins over iDemise, EG.usa, and most recently Legacy show they are certainly out to do well in CEVO.  eMazing, on the other hand, hasn't looked good at all.  They are currently winless when most thought they would do well, or at least decently, this season.  de_dust2 might be the map they need, but I am holding fast to Team 34.

The Prediction:

Team 34 played well in the Lethal Gamers event, coming behind a "Texas Allstars" pug and EG.usa, but that extra LAN practice might be what they needed.  I don't want to immediately throw the win to Team 34, but right now I think that is what everyone has to do.  eMazing Gaming has not done anything so far and until they do I will stick with Team 34.  Team 34 wins this one 16-12.


Team x3oGravitas Gaming vs. Team x3o

If anyone was wondering; no, I did not save this for last. It just happened to be the last match listed on the CEVO page.  Anyway, Gravitas Gaming and Team x3o have looked perfect so far but unfortunately things have to change tonight.  So far, x3o has had the tougher schedule and they did win their event in Maryland over Gravitas.  Gravitas have had it easier in CEVO, but they haven't taken advantage of that, having two matches (EG.ca and iDemise) go into overtime.  The good news is they can win it when it gets close, but it certainly is a concern.

The Prediction:

Regardless of who wins, this match will be very close and extremely intense.  It is a rematch since their last game together at the x3o Winter Classic event and I'm sure Gravitas is out for revenge.  Still, no one can deny that x3o has had it rougher since the start of the CEVO season and they beat Gravitas at their event, so I'm playing it "safe" (or smart, depending on your opinion) and sticking with x3o.  Team x3o wins this one 16-13.

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