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Gravitas, x3o, more in CEVO 3-1

CEVO - CEVO Professional continues tonight with x3o, Gravitas and more facing off on de_dust2.

The CEVO Professional season continues tonight with undefeated Team x3o facing off against likewise undefeated Gravitas Gaming.  Gravitas Gaming is coming off a close victory over the underrated and controversial EG.ca team, but have victories over iDemise, Legacy and MoB Gaming as well.  Team x3o recently played the 3-1 Frag Dominant, closely winning 16-13.  x3o, it can be argued, is the strongest team in the league at this moment, even with their close overtime win over Team 34.

Frag Dominant faces off against EG.usa tonight as well.  EG.usa, currently 1-2, has not performed very well so far. Their most surprising loss came from Team 34 last week. The recent LAN event - KODE 5 Regional Qualifiers - at Lethal Gamers might have helped improve their teamwork, however and put them back on track.  They will certainly be looking to rebound from their poor performance then, while FD tries to get back into their grove after x3o broke their three game winning streak.

eMg, Legacy, and MoB join the pack tonight as the biggest disappointments thus far, sitting at 0-3, 0-4 and 1-3, respectively.  MoB Gaming has a shot to get back into it tonight when they face off against the struggling Legacy team.

Click here for the matches tonight.


Images by Andy Price.

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