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Have you ever cheated on a test? Have you ever played a video game, but didn’t want to take the time to finish it so you went online to look for cheats so you can finish the game faster? Have you ever thought about cheating? Most of you probably have at some point. I know I have. I may not have cheated in a game I have to pay for (e.g. WoW or CS), but I will admit I have taken peeks at other people’s tests when I was younger, exploited glitches in console games and cheated in MMORPG games that I started to find boring as I was getting near the point of quitting those games. When you don’t get caught, it’s amazing because it makes things so much easier, but when you get caught, you get screwed. From an education point of view, if you got caught cheating in an assignment/test/exam you would get it taken away and be given a 0% with possible suspension or expulsion. If you got caught cheating in an online video game, the gamemaster(s) would ban you from the server so you can no longer play.

Cheating isn’t only in eSports and real life. It’s also in sports (baseball, football, hockey, basketball, cycling, etc.) and they have tests to ensure athletes are not doping. In sports, athletes use growth hormone, steroids or other drugs we have not heard of. Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds are all names that are involved with doping in baseball. Floyd Landis was banned from cycling because he was caught doping during the Tour de France. In eSports, gamers can cheat by downloading hacks or taking a drug to help one focus (although this is not a banned substance).

Most of you may have heard of clown and devour being banned from CEVO two Sundays ago following the CEVO Alienware Winter Frag Fest finals. They justified their reasons for hacking and received a mixed reaction from the community. I do not believe that their reason was good enough to download hacks and use them in an event final. Heck, there is never a good enough reason for hacking in a competitive game such as Counter-Strike. Of course, no matter what the league is or what level you are playing at, you will always find hackers that somehow get away with hacking. The only exception to this would be at LANs where you have people hovering over you all the time watching you play.

So many people these days hack in video games, exploit glitches, or cheat on tests that it seems like society today accept these things. The only exception I’ve noticed is when it’s someone with a high ranking (e.g. Prime Minister Harper of Canada plagiarizing his speech). Does this make cheating right? I don’t think so. Not only are you doing harm to yourself by cheating, you are taking credit of someone else’s work. As far as cheating in video games goes, it’s usually wall hacks in FPS games or speed hacks in RPG games. In console games, people exploit glitches to beat the game or hitting certain buttons in a specific order to unlock something. My point is you can cheat in almost everything in life; it’s whether or not you do it.

All I will say is that if you choose to cheat and you get caught, learn from the experience and don’t make the same mistake twice. By this I mean, if you still choose to cheat, don’t go around flaunting your cheating. Hopefully you’ll do the smart thing and not do it again, but I can’t control what you as a person choose to do nor am I promoting cheating in anyway. From a young age you get punished for doing things you aren’t suppose to be doing and that doesn’t change as you grow up. The difference is, at a young age, you get punished by your family or teachers. As you get older, you get punished by a school’s administration or be charged.

Anyways, I will wrap this up and end this blog with a comment and quote. Think twice before doing something that you may end up regretting.

“Crime is naught, but misdirected energy.” (Emma Goldman)

- Kai

P.S. Wanted to get this out yesterday but I didn’t get a chance since I’ve been busy with trying to write some music and new classes for this semester started on Monday.

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quote#1 US Xo1byeez 05/02/2009 - 14:06:51
I used to back in cod 1 download wall hacks and turn them on in my demos to see if anyone was wall hacking me. I swear some guys were following me through the walls.

quote#2 US Ghost 10/02/2009 - 13:48:00
I've never cheated and damn well proud of it.

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