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A Response to Mike's Poem

MindScape Returns With New Faces

INSIDER ESPORTS - New players are returning the MindScape name for another shot at glory.

Mindscape, a once professional Counter-Strike 1.6 team is now being revived with some fresh faces. Among the new lineup are, Demir "wrd" Decevic formerly of j1n and Dynasty, Jasper "sfx-_0" Ko formerly of Confederacy and 50|Cal, and Kyle "synikaL" Mendez from team i95. All of the players have CEVO Professional experience, and are looking to become a top team as they participate in CEVO, ESEA and the 09 LAN circuit. 

 Demir "wrd" Decevic had this to say,

"We're currently participating in CEVO-Main and ESEA-Main. We will also be attending as many LANs as possible with the right financial support. From here our goal is to be number one, and to place good at every event we attend, every league we participate in, which I'm sure we wont have any trouble doing. Right now, we have the CS team and the top DOD team but at time goes on and as we become a bigger organization we will be looking into picking up more teams to play for us."



Demir "wrd" Decevic

Jasper "sfX-_0`" Ko

Vince "fr3aK" DeCarlo

Kyle "synikaL" Mendez

Kyle 'Hurr1canE' Libby


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