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CEVO-P Week 2.2 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS - Owner Michael Fleming and staff writer Justin Goulais give their predictions for CEVO-Professional 2-2.

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of predictions over the past week or so. We've had a few minor inconveniences but things are corrected now and we are back on track. I personally will be bringing several features every week including "Week in Review", Predictions, and a few others.

Also, we will be covering some CEVO-Main, at least for Counter Strike. There are many great teams in that division (CompLexity, Green Berets, NSU and Dynamo, to name a few) and Insider eSports wants to bring back a lot of the semi-professional coverage from many years ago.

My CEVO-Professional predictions for CEVO 2-2 are:


Frag Dominant vs. Team x3o


Frag Dominant:

Fadil "Nepo-" Canovic

Nazar "steno" Vynnytsky

Michael "chE" Guevara

Richard "Iza" Levy

Liridon "quas" Ademaj



Dan "mehLer" Mehler

Andrew "dRew" Timmerman

Jeff "hero" Mettetal

Ryan "NineSpot" Bell

David "savior" Park


The former EG.usa team has looked good thus far, sporting a 3-0 record with wins over Legacy, MoB Gaming, and EG.ca. I believe that x3o is a much stronger challenge than Legacy or EG.ca and even MoB, so Frag Dominant will certainly have their work cut out for them tonight. Team x3o is also undefeated in CEVO, with wins over EG.usa and Team 34. They recently won the x3o winter classic event as well. They didn't partake in the KODE5 qualifiers, but I think this team is one of the best - if not the best - in North America, at least currently. They are certainly doing well and I think x3o has a very good chance tonight. The prediction: Frag Dominant has done well but they haven't gone up against x3o yet. Tonight will be their biggest challenge yet. I think this match will be close but I don't think Frag Dominant will take x3o.

x3o wins this one 16-12.


Legacy vs. Team 34

Team 34:

Blake "nolimit" Burton

Jason "thetoy" Brownlee

Zach "tigerz" Vogel 

Chris "truls" Navratil 

Alex "millipede" Abbott


Sean "gares" Gares

Ryan "sycknesS" Mitchell

Blaine "swayze" Severe

Justin "thornhill" Thornhill

Kyle "Kyle" Boeckmann


This match can't be billed as a "Battle of the Titans"  like some of the other matches this week, but it will certainly provide some great entertainment for anyone in the HLTV at game time. A much improved Team 34 will be looking to tack on a second win this CEVO-P season, while Legacy will be looking for their first win in their four matches played thus far. 34's recent performances, having taken x3o to overtime in Week 1 and then sticking it to iDemise a week later, makes it clear that this isn't the .500 record wielding Team 34 from last season. Something will become apparent during this match: the map is an equalizer. de_forge is seldom the site of routs and shutouts as its large size and awkward layout isn't conducive to domination by one individual player. The team must be capable of making the right calls and holding their positions. Something that Legacy has had a problem doing in weeks past.

Team 34 gets their second win rather convincingly over Legacy, 16-7.



EG.usa vs. eMazing Gaming


Danny "fRoD" Montaner

Matt "Warden" Dickens

Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert

Tyler "Storm" Wood 

Corey "hanes" Hanes


Kevin "aZn" Wang

Charlie "cbz" Pyo

Aran "i0nZ" Curbelo

Anthony "m4gic" Coriale

Joshua "dEE" Wong


This is the Battle of the Titans I was referring to. The two teams most likely to be fighting it out on LAN this season meet up this week in what is likely to be quite a show. EG.usa's outstanding new roster played very well at the KODE 5 USA Qualifier, although their teamplay shortcomings were revealed in later matches during second day bracket play, even allowing a PUG to take them into overtime in the Finals. eMg held it down during the CEVO-PPT, showing us that individual talent isn't everything by working over their group and taking out a number of favorited teams in brackets. Their only CEVO-P match since their wonderful performance in the PPT has been a loss to EG.ca. However, their play at x3o LAN was exceptional, taking Gravitas down to the final round in semi-finals before ceding the match to GG with a final score of 16-14. eMg will make things hard for EG.usa, but I can't see them shutting down fRoD or n0thing.

EG.usa hands eMg another loss, 16-11.


iDemise vs. MoB Gaming


Joshua "punkvillE" Dacus

Ric "iNERTiA" Bundy

Travis "tuBBy" Bechtol

Alex "hazard" Martins 

Andy "icy" Keefe

MoB Gaming:

jimmy "foogs" koller

Cyrus "org" Habibi

Chad "daffsta" White

Sonny "s0nNy" Tran 

Noah "StrikeR" Alvarado

After a rough start for my beloved iDemise, they will be looking to chalk up another win against a very formidable MoB. punkvillE and tuBBy played great at the KODE 5 Qualifiers, but their individual play won't be enough for iDemise against MoB, rather, the kind of numbers the remainder of the roster puts out will decide whether or not iD escapes Week 2 with another win. MoB, having been put away by Frag Dominant last week, will be looking to assert themselves as a team that's ready to make a run for the playoffs. They certainly have the talent needed to do so, but will the map be the mitigating factor in their rise to power? I think it will be. The MoB roster doesn't play like the world beaters that these players once were, although StrikeR has been playing very well of late.

iDemise gets up and over MoB: 16-11.


Gravitas Gaming vs. EG.ca


Gravtas Gaming:

Ediz "goodfornothing" Basol

Derrick "impulsive" Truong

Ben "benz0" Hui

Thomas "thoMz" Garcia 

Shaun "hostile" Catron



Dave "heller" Marentette 

Matt "adr" Caverly 

Wilson "ryennn" Chen

Nicolas "chosen" Lalonde 

Halston "Tekn1kal" Bellintani

This match played on any other map would be a no-brainer: GG > EG.ca, but de_forge shakes things up a fair bit, effectively eliminating any major advantages in regards to personnel. Gravitas Gaming is coming off of a second place performance at x3o, so they will certainly be playing off of a competitive high after placing well at a major event. EG.ca on the other hand, has been struggling ever since the season commenced. This difficulty can be attributed to many things, including the lack of substantial play time with each other and the propensity for at least one of the players on this roster to enter a sort of mini-slump that appears to be exclusive to that particular match or map. Even at their best, I don't see EG.ca being able to squeak this one out. They'll at least keep it close, however.

GG pulls off another win. 16-12.

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