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A Response to Mike's Poem

Frag Dominant, x3o in CEVO 2-2

INSIDER ESPORTS - Frag Dominant, x3o and more battle it out in week four of CEVO Professional.

Today marks the arrival of week four of CEVO's 1.6 professional league. This week's headliners include, Frag Dominant vs. x3o, EG.ca vs. Gravitas Gaming, and more. This week's map is de_forge, a map that should yield advantages to the seasoned teams. 

For teams like Legacy and iDemise, this week is a chance to make-up for early season losses. There is no word if iDemise will be utilizing their recent pickup, Garett "Grt" Bambrough, in their match against MoB Gaming. We will update scores both here and in our match section as information becomes available and as teams schedule match times.



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