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MYM Adds Kuben, Drops Pionas

INSIDER ESPORTS – Meet Your Makers finally confirms that Kuben will take the place of Pionas.

It took MYM long enough, but the team finally confirmed that Jakub "Kuben" Gurczyński has replaced Filip "pionas" Pionka.  Pionka had previously replaced Gurczyński back in November.

“He has now been brought back into the team, where he will link up with his four longtime friends and team-mates.”  MYM stated on their website, mymym.com. “At the same time, we would like to thank Pionka for his services during his stay at MYM and wish him the best of luck in the future.”

MYM interviewed their star player, Filip "NEo" Kubski.  He said that “kuben had been part of our team for a long time, and he fits the team very well. Everyone brings something to the team, everyone is important for the team in some way. Now we just see line-up changes were not the changes we needed.

Last year was not a bad year for MYM, but the end of 2008 may have caused the roster change.  They placed 5-8th at the World eSports Masters and WCG 2008, and only placed third at Dreamhack.

“Probably we will just try to focus really hard on the biggest events out there, like EM, ESWC, WCG, Kode5. Placing top3 on them will be our main goal for sure” Kuben added.

The new roster for MYM is:

Filip "NEo" Kubski
Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas
Mariusz "loord" Cybulski
Lukas "LUq" Wnek
Jakub "Kuben" Gurczyński 


The full interview is located here.


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