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EG.usa win KODE5 USA Qualifiers

INSIDER ESPORTS – The KODE 5 USA Preliminary Qualifiers begin today at Lethal Gamers with Team34, EG.usa and more.

KODE 5 is hosting their USA Preliminary Qualifiers today and tomorrow at Lethal Gamers in Dallas, Texas, with two CEVO-P teams (EG.usa and Team34) and many more competing for a spot in the USA Region Finals on March 14th.

The team that wins today will join three others, picked by the KODE5 organization, to compete for one spot at the Global Finals held in Moscow, Russia.

The tournament will start off as a group stage and move on to bracket play.

Group play saw little to no surprises, with Team 34, EG.usa, Texas Allstars, and Saevus taking top seeds of the group.  Empire, PhrentiK, Netizens and DoubleTake moved on as well.

The favorite for the tournament, EG.usa, gave up only nine rounds in group play and worked their way easily through the elimination bracket, aside from a "closer than it needed to be" match against Empire.  As expected, Team 34, Texas Allstars and EG.usa took the top three for the event.  Only EG.usa, however, will be secured a spot in the 2009 KODE 5 USA Regional Finals.

For past results, click here.

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quote#1 US kmc1828 01/02/2009 - 02:43:29
IeSports is really on top of the action here. whew. so glad we have this site now instead of gotfrag who is worried about updating their site with brackets and all kinds of other goodies. who needs all that when you have insider esports to just give you the recap when it's not even news anymore?

quote#2 US Portland 01/02/2009 - 04:36:11
Please keep in mind that we are still in beta, we do not have the spare resources to provide everything, nor do we wish to "compete" with other organizations that have been dominating the esports coverage scene for almost a decade. We're taking things one step at a time, hope you'll understand!

quote#3 US versus 01/02/2009 - 16:22:19
No surprises here. EG probably would of been selected anyways to compete in Moscow, but it's good LAN practice for them. Good write up keep up the good work insider esports!

quote#4 US CAS 02/02/2009 - 14:54:04
#1 i bet gotfrag started out like they are now, right? how old r they? 7 years old? ty

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