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Second Nature wins CEVO Main

INSIDER ESPORTS - CEVO-Main finals have come to a finish with Second Nature taking top honors.


Second Nature (10): 1st

Kevin "KeviN" Camacho

Dennis "VaS" Miniato

Nicholas "Koth" Scaggs

Kurt "Truk" Mitchel

Bart "blazed" Byrski


justBALLS (1): 2nd

Edward "EDK" Kim

Shawn "DUBE" Dube

James "GODE" Godish

Christopher "boomermayne" Fernandez

Daniel "dole" Jankowiak


After a long season of CEVO Teams two teams stand out on top above all others; Second Nature, and justBALLS.

Second Nature, who has been CAL-I and CEVO-M since the last season, could have easily been the underdog team of this season’s playoffs. They were seeded 10th and went undefeated throughout the tournament, to earn their spot in the finals against jB.

jB, the number one seeded team that previously participated in CEVO-P season 6, was the favored team to win main this season. Going 13-3 in the regular season placed them as the number 1 seeded team, as well as the team everyone was looking to beat. jB started their dominance in this tournament defeating every team by a blowout. jB’s dominance quickly fell off once they advanced to the upper bracket finals playing Second Nature. The match was extremely close and needed to go to overtime, where Second Nature pulled up the win 13-12, and advanced to the championship.


Match #1: de_nuke 13-5 Second Nature


The first match of the best of three was played on de_inferno. Second Nature started off on terrorist. and  jB on Counter-terrorist. The match started off 2-1, in favor of jB. The server which they were playing on crashed so they had to switch servers, and relo3 it with jB still in the lead 2-1. After 12 rounds Second Nature ended up taking this half 8-4 leaving them in need of 5 rounds to take match number one.

As the second half started Second Nature quickly won the first round, with the next round going to jB. Second Nature showed no remorse giving them no more rounds this half ending it 5-1, and ending this first match with Second Natures victorious 13-5.


Match #2: de_inferno 13-11 Second Nature


As the victors of the first match on de_nuke, Second Nature chose to play the second match on de_inferno. The first half started with Second Nature on terrorist side, and jB on CT. Both teams started to exchange rounds with Second Nature winning a few, then jB quickly coming back to win the next. After a tremendously close half the teams have made it even 6-6. The second half was about the same as the first, each team exchanging wins. Second Nature finally put a stop to jB’s wins and ended this half, this tournament, and this season of CEVO-M as the champions of CEVO main season 7.



1st $1400 - Second Nature  

2nd $875 - justBALLS  

3rd $525 - Newbies Operating  

4th $350 - Just Cause Project  

5th $175 - eNs  

6th $175 - ataXia


Stay tuned to www.insideresports.com as we cover the following season of CEVO P PT, CEVO-P, and much more!

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quote#1 US Portland 30/01/2009 - 21:43:03
GJ to the winners!

quote#2 CA Lithium 03/02/2009 - 01:11:29
good job kurt!

quote#3 US Ghost 10/02/2009 - 07:01:32
SN has been a very strong team as of late. I think they will do great in Cevo-P next season.

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