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Month In Review

Our first month of 2009 has come and gone and with it came many great new things both in the eSports scene and in my personal life. A new year brings new things and the most talked about thing for the last few weeks was of course, Barack Obama, the first African-American President of the United States. Now to all you football fans out there, with the end of January means Super Bowl time and the Pro Bowl the following week. Go Cardinals! Before I go into the eSports scene, I’m going to start with my personal life.

This year, as new as it is, has had many surprises in my life. I came to realization of what was important to me and what I love to do. I also found my passion with playing the guitar again. My acoustic guitar is broken and my Stratocaster is slowly starting to die on me. For those of you on the coL forums and in the Insider eSports IRC channel may have seen me talking about the Gibson SG Standard. That is the guitar I would like to have in Heritage Cherry, but it is $1970 for the guitar itself and I will probably need a new amp too so add another $150 to that. That brings the total to about $2300 after taxes. 2009 is also the year I finally turn 16. 16 is also the legal age for one to get their license and I will be doing that at the end of May. Anyways enough about me, let’s move onto eSports.

2009 brought and is still bringing many new things. We’ve seen Complexity come back in rebuilding mode, picking up teams from Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, World of Warcraft, and Fifa. It’s not just Complexity either. With the fall of CGS a couple of months ago, we’ve seen many old teams come back, many new teams form, and many former players returning to 1.6 or retiring from professional gaming. We may not have the TV publicity anymore, but we have something better. Now, we have better tournaments, better internet coverage and gaming themed shows/podcasts by people who are passionate about gaming (e.g. djWHEAT). Insider eSports, a new coverage site, was also released this month.

With the positives of January named, let’s see the negatives. Well when the CGS fell, a lot of people were wondering if coL would come back and had people wondering for weeks what was going on causing stress. We, as of right now, are also unsure of Team3D’s future although a web page has been up for a little while with the saying “Never Say Never”. Complexity’s former CS squad with fr0d, Hanes, Warden and Storm joined n0thing to complete the EG.usa squad. My biggest disappointment this past month, in particular, these last few days, was the host problem Insider eSports has had causing the site to be down for two days. When the site came back up, it was rolled back to January 19th. The announcement is that there will now be daily backups and let’s hope that is the case so if something like this happens again, we won’t get rolled back so far.

My last two blogs were definitely not the greatest ones I’ve written, but from here on out, I will only post the articles I believe are the best (which means no more rushing two articles in one week and a review). I will be carefully reviewing each article making sure I put everything I possibly can into them. Look for my next blog next week about performance enhancing drugs.
That’s it for my month in review. Wish everyone the best of luck in February.

“If you are never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances.” (Julia Sorel)

- Kai

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quote#1 US Portland 30/01/2009 - 23:29:40
Good read kai!

quote#2 US Portland 30/01/2009 - 23:29:46
Good read kai!

quote#3 US Portland 30/01/2009 - 23:29:55
Good read kai!

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Oh hi triple post

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