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Alienware Winter Fragfest Results

Finals format

The finals will be played as a double elimination. The team who stayed in the upper brackets will need one win to take the championship; where as the team which won the lower brackets will need two wins in order to take home the championship. 


Yesterday (1-24-09) the CEVO finals were supposed to occur, instead the CEVO servers were getting packeted. The CEVO admins, fed up with the mess decided to delay the finals until the next day. The match was played with no STV, and on a private server.  


CEVO states:

Yeah, it wasn't anything personal to Gamefire or anyone.”

We wanted it casted, but in the interest of time, couldn't happen that way.”

The finals were played in a private server on de_train. OptX had defeated KEYBOARD SMASHERS 13-6 in the first match. In the second KEYBOARD SMASHERS came back to win 13-11, taking home the grand prize as well as first place. 


Matt 'resinous' Kuntz

Paul 'Torrr' Mueller

Garett 'Grt' Bambrough

Andrew 'Glockateer' Cook

Micah "Monkey" Battson

KEYBOARD SMASHERS who recently placed fourth in CEVO-P, and second in the latest season of CAL invite has clinched the upper bracket finals for the Alienware tournament to advance to the double elimination finals. 

OptX: 2nd place

Sam 'devour' Chamma

Yazan 'clowN' Ammari

Moe 'mOE' Assad

Laurent 'Warmach1ne' Keoula

Ron 'Rambo' Kim

This new roster is a dream team of sorts, with members from San Fransisco OPTX, LA complexity, and Carolina Core; and even two of Counter Strike: Source's finest AWP'ers in mOE and devour. The OptX began their playoff run by playing team Vanskap, and defeated them 13-4. OptX’s reign of the upper brackets quickly fell to an end after being humiliated by SexPistols 13-3 on de_train. After the loss, and the drop down to the lower bracket, OptX set out to redeem themselves by winning every match to get to the finals. After a rematch against SexPistols on de_inferno, which OptX won, they have moved onto the finals against KEYBOARD SMASHERS.


SexPistols: 3rd place

Lloyd 'shaffer' Shaffer

Nick 'nickn0it' Nowakowski

Trevor 'p0s' Randolph

Rich 'sauce ' Cannon

Frank 'ridic' Savettiere 

This Counter Strike: Source sensation with players from past teams such as San Fransico Optx, 3D.NY, and Zomblerz has tackled two tournaments so far placing 1st in the XLR8 gaming, and losing in the upper bracket finals for the Alienware Winter Frag Fest tournament. They had originally defeated KEYBOARD SMASHERS 18-16 in overtime, but nickn0it was caught crouch spamming, CEVO rules deem this act illegal. The match was then overturned and SexPistols played the familiar faces of OptX on de_inferno where the OptX came back with a vengeance and won 13-8. 

1st Place Grand Prize:

Alienware® Area-51® X58 Desktop 

2nd place prize:

Alienware® Orion Backpack (MSRP $90)

ATI Radeon™ HD 4850 (MSRP $273.99)

Killer K1 Gaming Network Interface Card (MSRP $149.99) 

3rd Place Prize:

Alienware® Orion Backpack (MSRP $90)

Killer K1 Gaming Network Interface Card (MSRP $149.99) 

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