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Maingear Invited

INSIDER ESPORTS – Maingear has been invited to play in CEVO-Professional Season 3.

Backslash (eFlow) has officially dropped out of CEVO. After two first week losses against x3o and Dynamic they decided as a team it would be better to go different ways. In order for CEVO to maintain a ten team professional league, Maingear got the invite as they were the next best team out of the placement tournament. During the placement tournament Maingear was eliminated after two close defeats against Mob Deep and Zen Mechanics. When asked how he thought his team would fair coming in mid-season Marcus Dib, team captain said the following “ It won’t affect us, we have past experience in CEVO-professional. The only thing that is going to hurt us is we have to pick up their two losses and we will be going 0-2 into the season.” Marcus also said, “Thanks to all the CEVO-Professional players that recommended us (Maingear) as the team that should be moved up. We had some issues during the placement tournament but our five are now ready.” He also congratulated his teammates for their hard work and dedication as they are the reason why they got the invite. Maingear will get their first taste of action against Hostile Faction on February 3rd.

Maingears Starting Roster:

Marcus " [sLuT]" Dib
Jason "frzg" Noggle
Ben "simple" Carroll
John "dirty_german" Richmond
Nicholas "Heathen" Ponotn

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quote#1 CA Justin 29/01/2009 - 21:22:43
Good luck Maingear.

quote#2 CA kuN 30/01/2009 - 06:07:28
Simple is da man

quote#3 US ImpRoV 30/01/2009 - 08:28:17
good bunch of guyz

quote#4 US FatJesus 30/01/2009 - 17:27:14
Would kinda question their ability to play at a CEVO-P level with their placement tourney roster but they should do pretty well with this lineup+simple leading them.

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