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Mob Deep Make Adjustments

INSIDER ESPORTS – Mob Deep changes roster looking for better results.

With the third season of CEVO-Professional starting in two days, Mob Deep picked their starting roster in hopes of winning a championship. After a third place finish at Pure LAN in Montreal team captain Matt Gomez made the moves in hopes of better results in the near future. Coming into the event as one of the favorites some would question the third place finish.

Next up for Mob Deep will be the CEVO season beginning on January 22, NERV LAN, and ETS which are both in March.

Mob Deeps starting lineup:

Matt "ChimPae" Gomez
Cody "cubed" Thaw
Douglas "frizz`" Glendenning
Gabriel "SpEc" Beltre
Jordan "jordanR" Rysedorph

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