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New Method For CEVO Seeding

MARYLAND, USA - CEVO has developed and released the CEVO Performance Index (CPI), a mathematical formula for calculating teams’ overall performance during the regular season. CPI is carefully constructed to take into consideration all the important factors for seeding teams in the fairest, most unbiased way possible.

For CEVO's playoff seeding this season, it will use the CPI calculator.  This calculator took months to develop, and according to CEVO's website, it is the best way to deal with seeding, versus human-managed playoff seeding, which might be biased.

It takes into account six factors:

1)  Point Index
2)  Win Percentage
3)  Strength of Schedule
4)  Margin of Victory
5)  Opponent's strength of schedule
6)  Head-to-Head Modifier

For descriptions of these factors, and more information, please go here.

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