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ESEA Finalizes Season 2 Invite Teams

INSIDER ESPORTS – ESEA finalizes their Season 2 Invite teams including EG.usa, x3o, compLexity, MoB and more.

For the past two weeks, GotFrag.com has been releasing the names and rosters for ESEA Invite.  Every team on the list has some argument to be here and most would agree that these are twelve of the top fifteen teams in the United States.

Notably left out was Green Berets, arguably the best outside of ESEA-Invite.  They had recently announced the addition of Scott “evolution” Cavallero who will be playing with them for the time being, but that was not enough for them.  Team 34 was the only CEVO-Professional team that was uninvited as well.

Nine of the ESEA-Invite teams are CEVO-Professional, while three of them (compLexity, NSU, and POV) are in CEVO-Main.  All three, however, have reason to be here.

Many individuals are saying that EG.ca shouldn’t have been invited and Team 34, Green Berets, or other CEVO-Main teams deserved it much more.  However, EG.ca is made up of three of old Sway Gaming roster and two old EG.ca players, so the skill is certainly there.  Some are also arguing that compLexity made it through by name, not skill.  However, compLexity did place second in ESEA Season 1.  The potential and the name are in both EG.ca and compLexity; likewise with teams like NSU and POV.

Insider eSports will have a full preview of the upcoming ESEA-Invite league soon, so check back for more information.

According to GotFrag.com, the ESEA-Invite teams are:

1. Team X3O - irukandji, ninespot, mehler, savior, hero
2. EG.usa - frod, hanes, n0thing, storm, warden
3. Gravitas - ben, goodfornothin, impulsive, thomz, hostile
4. Frag Dominant - steno, che, nepo-, quas, levy
5. compLexity - sunman, da_bears, method, volcano, zid
6. iDemise - punkville, tubby, hazard, inertia, icy
7. MoB Gaming - StrikeR, org, hahn, foogz, sonny
8. eMazing Gaming - azn, cbz, dee, i0nz, m4gic
9. NSU - kuby, parad1ss, ronieh, sKz, Xp3
10. POV - spectro, kris, Adrenaline, bgz, willson
11. Legacy eSports - thornhill, swayze, Kbot, syckness, sgares
12. EG.ca - lalonde, adr, ryennn, heller, tekn1kal

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