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MYM Shuts Down StarCraft Department

myMYM.com - Danish based powerhouse Meet Your Makers has shut down their StarCraft squad, releasing many top names into the pool of teamless players.


 MYM announced today that they would be closing down their StarCraft department, letting go of a team that had won several team leagues and had assembled a roster of some of the world's absolute best players of the game. Among those on the current roster were TSL Season 1 champion Jian Fei "IefNaij" Wang, WCG Lithuania champion Vytautas "Arew" Graiciunas, and Oleksii "White-Ra" Krupnyk, who finished in the 7th/8th slot at 2009's PGL in China.

  The reason given for the dimissal of this team, as well as the world famous WarCraft 3 squad (names like Moon and Grubby stand out), was that the parent company wanted to change the direction of the team's focus in the coming year and RTS games were not a part of that new look. Manager Gregor "Archi" Werner said, "It hurts even more to leave, now that the SC team acquired the top position in the non-Korean scene."


The full article on the dismissal can be read here


A full list of the players released:

[P] Greg "Dreiven" Kordek - Poland

[?] Michael "GhosTa" Beck - Germany

[P] Oleksii "White-Ra" Krupnyk - Ukraine

[?] Jacek "LastNight69" T. - Poland

[P] Vytautas "Arew" Graiciunas - Lithuania

[Z] Cristóbal "DinOt" Lledó - Chile

[P] Jian-Fei "IefNaij" Wang - Canada

[Z] Yoon-seob "Yoon" Lee - Korea

[T] Eugin "Strelok" Oparyshev - Ukraine

[?] Grzegorz "userek" Muśko - Poland

[P] Jarek "Yayba" Pociecha - Poland


Source: myMYM

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quote#1 US pikachu 31/01/2009 - 14:26:24
That's really fked up.

I hate to see them go.

quote#2 US Krunk 01/02/2009 - 20:41:44

quote#3 US AGar 02/02/2009 - 10:16:02
Yeah it sucks to see them go.

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