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CEVO 1-1 Predictions


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CEVO 1-1 Predictions

INSIDER ESPORTS – Will Diester gives his predictions for tonight’s CEVO-Professional matches.

EG.usa versus EG.ca


EG.usa North America’s strongest roster when it comes to potential.  GotFrag.com’s ranking system, made up of many renowned eSports people and organizations, even placed them tenth in the world without a single match under their belt, much less an international match. 

Many talk about EG.usa being the new “America’s Team” but until they back it up we cannot say for sure that they truly are. The roster consists of four former members of the Los Angeles CompLexity, Danny “fRoD” Montaner, Tyler “Storm” Wood, Matt “Warden” Dickens, and Corey “Hanes” Hanes and when you add Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert into the mix, you have currently one of the North American rosters.  On paper, this team looks dominant; but remember that paper only is worth the cost of the paper.  This team still has to prove itself.

Still, they have played Counter Strike 1.6 in recent events like CGS ProAm and CEVO, so I believe they will easily prove themselves. This team has the hype – many consider them the best in North America, without playing a match, and even major organizations placed them top ten in the world – and, on paper, they look dominant, but nobody should give them the CEVO trophy just yet; there are a lot of teams and many weeks of play ahead.


The EG.ca was announced last night as three of Sway Gaming’s strongest members – Matt “adr” Caverly, Dave “heller” Marentette, and Wilson “ryennn” Chen – and two members from their previous squad; Nick “chosen” Lalonde, and Halston “Tekn1kal” Bellintani.  Led by Ian “FuzzyHat” Olson, this team does have potential, but certainly isn’t a premier team right now.  This roster has only had maybe two weeks of practice together, whereas this EG team, minus n0thing, has been playing together for months on end.  EG.ca is going to find it very hard to upset big brother.

The Prediction

My pick for this matchup should be obvious when you consider a few factors.  First, the map is de_inferno, which has always been a strong point of the former compLexity squad.  Second, EG.usa has had a lot of experience together whereas EG.ca has had experience together but not as their finalized team.  They also have had only two weeks of practice maximum.  The big brother, EG.usa, should have no problems winning this game and should they start on the defensive side, this will be a blowout.  EG.usa will win this 16-5.


eMazing Gaming versus MoB Gaming

eMazing Gaming

 eMazing Gaming has several old faces that the 1.6 community will recognize including Kevin “aZn” Wang and Aran “i0nZ” Curbelo.  These two will attempt to put eMg back to their dominant status they held early in 2008.  Since that time, eMazing Gaming hasn’t done much in 1.6.  Their newly revamped roster, however, will certainly help do that.

The team looks strong but one thing is their dedication level.  If they remain dedicated, I can see them doing very well and placing strongly.  However, if they half-ass it, I don’t think they will make playoffs.

MoB Gaming

MoB Gaming has several well known American 1.6 players on its current starting five. However, there may be a potential roster shakeup as three of the five listed starters of MoB Gaming’s website are not yet verified as “Ready” by the CEVO website.  I haven’t been able to contact MoB management and know little of their current plans, so I will make my predictions for this matchup based on the roster that MoBDeep.net has posted as its starting five.

The Prediction

 I think this choice should be fairly easy. eMg has many big name players and most of them already have chemistry working as a team for the past couple months, so given that MoB Gaming doesn’t seem to have its roster worked out yet (or at least that I am aware of), I am going have to give the nod here to eMg by a score of 16-8 over MoB Gaming.


Frag`Dominant versus Legacy

Frag Dominant

The Frag Dominant CS team partially comes from the former EG.usa roster through ex team-leader Steno and teammates’ chE, nepo and naz.  They played decently enough with EG so they should play fairly well here.

The biggest concern I have for them is if they lost heart in the game.  Being dropped from EG was certainly painful, but did that ruin their spirits?  I guess we’ll have to wait until tonight.


The former GG, No Re. guys played well enough in the placement event.  In fact, some believed that compLexity was actually picking up these guys.  They were wrong, however, but being worthy enough in coL fans’ eyes is always a nice thing, right?

I don’t know too much more about the players themselves, so I personally will have to wait and see how they do.  They look like a solid group of individuals so I will certainly have an eye on them.

The Prediction

My problem with this match is I don’t know enough about this Legacy roster to give them a fair assessment.  This match will likely be the one I’m completely off on, but my random pull was Legacy wins 16-11.


Gravitas Gaming versus iDemise

Gravitas Gaming

Gravitas Gaming contains an impressive mix of young and experienced veterans in the Counter-Strike community. Featuring several players many will recognize from the old x3o lineup that dominated 1.6 during the Summer Gaming season including; goodfornothing, impulsive, and benz0. You will also recognize the names of the very recently acquired, Shaun “hostile” Catron and Thomas “thoMz” Garcia.  This team looks like it has some serious potential, but we will have to wait for the season to start to truly judge just how good they are.


This squad, formerly of the MugNMouse organization, holds many veterans are looking to make a name for themselves in CEVO-P. After leaving MNM nearly days it seems after the announcement of the new roster, punkville and co. headed on over to greener pastures in the iDemise organization. The only results of the teams skill was during the ESEA playoffs where they were tagged as MNM for the last time. It will be interesting to see how they perform at the top tier of Online Counter-Strike.

The Prediction

I just can’t see iDemise pulling this one out. There is some serious talent on both sides of the spectrum but the chemistry that Gravitas has, along with one of the better 1.6 players, Catron, will just be too much for iDemise to handle. It’s going to be a close one but not close enough for iDemise. GG wins 16-12.


Team 34 versus x3o

Team 34

Team 34 has been around for awhile.  They qualified for CEVO-P through the Pro Placement Tournament.  They finished in 3rd place in Group E but they pulled it together to secure a top spot in Round 3 of the Upper Bracket not only grabbing a monster win over Sway Gaming but also capturing a spot in CEVO-P.  They could be an indicator that this won’t be a match x3o should take lightly. Not in the least.


Team x3o used to be one of those teams that always were there. They never accomplished much but they just quietly placed middle of the field consistently and maybe they would win a local LAN tournament at their own LAN center.  But that was then, and this is now.  

Since the beginning of 2008, the x3o name has surged onto the scene, the teams popularity has raised in proportion to their high achievements.  In a precursor to come of their dominance of North American CS in 2008, to their credit they won the last CPL event ever held, or at least up until that point. Now they have several new faces, so not much can be said in terms of what level of skill we should expect to see. But knowing x3o management, they didn’t pick any slouches for their roster.

The Prediction:

I’m going to go with the hot hand and chemistry on this one. I’m picking the young guns of Team 34 to plant themselves firmly as a contender for the CEVO-P season 10 title this week. Who knows what will happen next week, but this week, they’re going to be tied with 5 other teams for first place. Team 34 will carry the momentum from the past months of play into this matchup and bury the unproven x3o lineup. 16-9 in favor of Team 34 here.

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