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EG.ca Roster Announced

INSIDER ESPORTS – Evil Geniuses announce a merge with Sway Gaming.

It has been over a month since we heard any major announcement from the EG organization, but tonight they announced the release of their EG.ca roster, consisting of three members from Sway Gaming roster; Matt "adr" Caverly, Ryan "ryennn" Chen and Dave "heller" Marentette..  They also announced that Nick "chosen" Lalonde and Halston "Tekn1kal" Bellintani would remain with the EG squad.  Former Sway Gaming manager, Ian "FuzzyHat" Olson, will join EG as the EG.ca manager.  In an official post on their site, he stated, “"We're happy to be working with everyone at EG and are very thankful for the support they will be giving us this year.”

EG also explained why they selected the roster they did.

"We considered a multitude of options for our Canadian Counter-Strike division before deciding on this lineup," explained Alexander Garfield, Executive Director of Team EG. "We left no stone unturned, and really considered every possible roster combination available to us. We thought long and hard about our options, and came to the conclusion that this group of players was the best fit for EG. 2008 was a great year for Sway Gaming's Counter-Strike team, and Dave, Matt, and Wilson played a huge role in that success. We think that teaming them up with Nick and Halston, two of our most talented, dedicated players, will help EG to once again raise the standards for Canadian Counter-Strike."

EG.ca will be competing online in CEVO-Professional and the ESEA league and then in all major North American LAN tournaments, both in the United States and Canada. The new lineup's first public match will be against EG.usa, their American counterparts, on the night of Thursday, January 22.

The official announcement can be found here.

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