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INSIDER ESPORTS – Formula1 returns to active play with a few old faces.

The old CAL-Invite west coast team, Formula1, has reformed with three old players along with two great additions to their squad.  Long time member Brian ‘Sui’ Patrick has decided to bring the team back with two past members, Tristan ‘Invalid’ Bertain and Jonny ‘eng’ Faulds.  The additions are Eric ‘amico’ Massimino, formally of apush, and Steve "seijim2" McCormick, formally of FEROCITY, zEx, and Turmoil.

“Formula1 is very excited for the recent rise of 1.6 and comeback of the players you remember.  We will be attending the Kode5 qualifiers next month as well as competing in ESEA-main,” stated Edward Chang, managing partner for the team.  “Thanks to all of our fans and supporters; we will put ourselves in the best position to succeed and ascension to the top.  Please support us in this new year in #formula1!”

The team has applied for an ESEA-Main spot, but has not received official word for the organization.  However, they are confident they will receive one due to their past experience.  They will also take part in the KODE5 qualifiers next month.

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