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INSIDER ESPORTS – Dimension4 confirms the loss of David "Xp3" Garrido and Thomas "SAP" Lejeune.

Dimension4 confirmed on Tuesday that their team has lost two players, David “Xp3” Garrido and Thomas “SAP” Lejeune.  The French team had qualified for the EPS Finals by finishing the regular season in placing second.

Garrido had trouble playing with Dimension4 after he had moved to Canda.   He had wished to play with them whenever possible, but felt that he was hurting the team more than helping.  He played for local North Stars United at Extreme Masters Montreal.

Lejeune decided that life commitments would interfere with their practice schedule and, like Garrido, he didn’t want to hurt his team. He stated to [ http://www.team-aaa.com/news/comment.php?news_id=13055&offset=1] that "My decision isn't really to quit the team.  In truth, I knew that, during the next two months, I would not be able to put an amount of time into CS the team would consider satisfactory because of different obligations/activities that will take a lot of time.  Not wanting to harm the team, I preferred to tell them about my unavailability and me becoming inactive."

The team is now on stand-bye, searching for two new players.  Their remaining three players are:

Nabil "AXION" Ouache
Christopher "YiiKoN" Cavecchi
Judicaël "JED" Chaub

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