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aAa Closes 1.6 Team

INSIDER ESPORTS – Against All Authority closes down their Counter Strike 1.6 division.

“The last seasons of the team aAa.cs are indeed perfect examples of mediocrity,” they stated on their website. 

Against All Authority had brought on eSports-eu to help boost their standing in Europe, but mediocre results combined with the recent loss of Warren 'CosMo' Boisnard and Benjamin 'drizzer' Charnet.  They left to pursue other opportunities.

Instead of finding new players, however, the French organization has decided to completely close the division because of the never-ending struggle to find players dedicated to the organization.  Sammy Ouerfelli, Against All Authority’s management head, stated that "Every change we [made resulted] to the same long-winded speech, promises to bring hope, with ultimately the [mediocre] results that we know.”

Against All Authority has been part of the French scene since 2000.  They added that the remaining players Rémy 'RevZ' Prieur, Rodolphe 'Diodel' Verloës, Rémi 'lodun' Colas and Nicolas 'Dr. Crow' Vaissaud as well as Najim 'MODERATiON' Mounib are looking for a new organization and they wished them good luck in the future.  CosMo and drizzer will also continue to play with another project.

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