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With one all-star weekend past (NHL All-Star Weekend & College Senior Bowl), a few all-star weeks to come, including a championship game (NBA All-Star Weekend, Super Bowl, & Pro Bowl), baseball starting up a few weeks (MLB), and a few leagues already starting up their new seasons (Tennis & Golf), it leads to one question. Should eSports have their own all-star game? I believe the answer is yes, but there would need to be funding involved for this to work. The question is how this all-star game should be organized.

In hockey, you start off with a skills-competition followed by an all-star game the next day. With baseball, there’s a homerun derby with an all-star game the next day. In football, the Pro Bowl with two teams made of All-Stars is played the week after the Super Bowl. In basketball, there is a three-point contest, dunk contest, and skills competition (handling) followed by an all-star game the next day. The similarity in all these leagues is they split the teams between East & West conference, AL & NL or AFC & NFC. How would eSports hold an all-star game that can match these other superior leagues in the real world?

As far as funding goes, we could find someone who is willing to devote the time and money, but has another way of generating income so that it wouldn’t matter if they lose money from funding these all-star festivities. The festivities would have to be located somewhere where eSports is big to start (i.e. Korea) to get TV coverage along with online streaming. When eSports have developed bigger in other continents than the locations could change to cities in Europe or North America. Since the event would have to be located in a building somewhere, there could be a minimum entrance fee for spectators ($20-30 USD) to attend and watch these players play to help pay for all the costs. The next question is would be what games to pick?

Three of the most popular games of different genres would be chosen (at the moment: Counter Strike 1.6 (FPS), Starcraft (RTS), World of Warcraft (Arena)). A fourth game could be added if enough interest is drawn to it. It would be composed of two teams, the best team in each game in North America against the best team in each game in Europe/Asia which is determined by who has the most 1st place finishes in major LANs. In the event of a tie, the team with the most rounds won will be chosen to represent their respective continents. If a team is still cannot be chosen, the two or more teams will play head-to-head to determine who would represent the continent. In order to ensure fairness for teams in Europe/Asia, you could have a team such as SK-gaming represent CS 1.6 and Starcraft represented by a team such as Air Force ACE. So theoretically speaking, you could have a team such as EG.ca (Canada) playing against Dignitas (Europe) in CS, while having compLexity (USA) playing against Nihilum Plasma (Europe) in WoW, and Sean “striderdoom” Plott (USA) playing against eSTRO (Korea) in Starcaft.

There will be no prize money, but all the players travel expenses along with rooms will be paid for by the funder. The event would take place one month after the end of the last major LAN tournament. Players/teams would be allowed to choose not to participate and if that is the case, the next best team would then represent their continent. This would be a good time for players to interact with other players from other countries, while playing a game they love. Not only that, but all their expenses are paid for and they get to represent not only their continent, but their country as well with pride.

This is of course just a suggestion and even as I type this, I can think of many ways to improve everything I’ve just said. I’m not the first person to suggest something like an All-Star festivity for eSports, but I know I will not be the last. If you have suggestions on how to improve this idea, be sure to drop a comment or leave a message in my email or my voicemail ((817)231-0489).

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” (Heywood Broun)

- Kai

P.S. On a side note, I just found $400USD and $350CAD on the desk in my room. Gotta go bank that tomorrow. :D

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