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StarCraft 2 Previews at ESL Finals

starcraft2.4players.de - Starcraft II Source, the website based out of Germany, has released new information regarding StarCraft 2.

Last weekend at the ESL Finals, new looks into StarCraft 2 were presented to people who attended. According to the post at SC2 Source, there has been new game-related information released.

Among those changes include hints that Blizzard is attempting to emphasize the macro aspect of the game. This was the aspect where many, many players had felt that StarCraft 2 was weak in compared to StarCraft: Brood War.

Summary of Changes (from Fnatic.com)

* Blizzard appears to have a set date in mind for the release of the beta; however, the actual date in mind has not yet been made public.

* The multi-player aspect of the game is ear completion, which should allow one to assume that the release of the SC2 beta should be close.

* Blizzard is planning to release more keys for the beta through various methods, such as competitions of story submissions.

* Blizzard's internal build has a new building called a Dark Pylon that has an ability which allows probes in range to harvest faster, the ability itself has a cool down and must be activated.

* The internal build also added an ability to the Command Center that will allow it to build a 'Super SCV' that can harvest more efficiently, this ability is also on a cool down. Supply Depots are now capable of being upgraded to provide an additional two supply as well.

Source: starcraft2.4players.de

Source: fnatic.com

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