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KODE5 Releases World Map

KODE5.com - The Global Gaming Revolution releases a world map detailing all of this year's upcoming events.

KODE5 has released a world map, detailing all of the upcoming KODE5 qualifiers with easy accessibility to one's local event.  KODE5 will be hosting region-specific qualifiers allowing for more teams to gain a chance at stardom.

With events being locked up all across the globe, KODE5 will use this new map to announce, and post details about future events.  Recently, KODE5 finalized details for the KODE5 United States Online Qualifiers with the top three finishers advancing to the finals with free air and hotel accommodations.

KODE5 has also recently announced that they have secured events in Latin America, South and North Asia, and across Europe.

For further details, and to view the KODE5 World Map, please visit here.

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