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Name: Pablo TheLEGEND
Age: 25
Location: Long Island, NY

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I Like Quake
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I Like Quake

Hello sirs and ma'ams. I must say that my first experience with the quake "world" is quakelive, which I have recently begun to play. I find that I enjoy this game probably a little bit more than I enjoy Counter Strike.
The fast paced action is intense and the one duel I have played was a lot more intense than any scrim I have played in CS. My adrenaline was pumping even though I wasn't playing for anything but fun, and I find that I enjoy the 1v1 style of play, making me the only factor whether I win or lose. I did win of course (I am pablo after all) and I look forward to my further endeavors in QuakeLive.

Add 'itsPABLO' if you want to beat someone in a duel and teach a scrub like me 'how the real quakerz dew it'


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