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CEVO TF2 Season 3 Preview

MARYLAND, USA - CEVO announces information about its upcoming TF2 Season #3.  This is a newer tournament venture that was started last year, successfully.  

Big names in eSports have been invited to participate in the Professional division of CEVO's TF2 league.  Teams like Frag`Dominant, eMazing Gaming, and 4 Kings will be competing to dominate the scene of the newer eSports game.  A start date has not been announced yet for this season.  Insider Esports will be covering the CEVO-P divisional gameplay and playoffs.

For those who wish to play in CEVO's TF2 league, they have recently announced a "Free" division for anyone who wishes to play.  The final prize pool is $1,800.00 and those who are already premium members have access to some special features.  These features involve reservation of high quality gameservers and the eligibility for free Ventrilo servers.  Signups are open until Thursday, January 1st.  

More information can be found here.

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