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CEVO CS:S Season 7 Playoffs

MARYLAND, USA - CEVO begins its playoff schedules in a different manner due to midseason problems within the CEVO-P division.

Due to the fall of "The CGS", the CEVO playoffs for CS:S are not business as usual.  Many forfeit wins have been given to most of the teams in CEVO-P, but CEVO has had a well-planned course of action in order to replace the gaping hole left by former CGS teams complexity LA, San Fransisco Optx, and 3D.NY in this division.  The CEVO-P playoffs not been announced yet.  Meanwhile, CEVO-A and CEVO-M are going to continue their normal routine in executing their playoff schedules.  CEVO-M is now the place to be, because many of these teams will be trying very hard to get into CEVO-P next season.  

The cause of the removal/breakups of the CGS teams was due to legality issues.  While these teams were very high quality professional groups, they could no longer exist lawfully because their team names and their personal contracts were owned by DirecTV.  This has turned out to be a good opportunity for teams like Jax Money Crew and FD`zomblerz to take the splotlight next season in eSports news.  JMC has decided to remain CEVO-M, but their prowess should be dominant in that division, and very enjoyable to watch.  

Insider Esports will be covering the CEVO-M playoffs, and the final rounds of the CEVO-A playoffs.

The CEVO Season 7 Playoff information can be viewed here.

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