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A Response to Mike's Poem

Jason Bass to Complexity Gaming?

INSIDER ESPORTS - eSport management commodity Jason Bass rumored to be joining Complexity Gaming's top brass.

Some of the same sources from our JMC Rumor have recently told us that big fish will be joining the complexity management roster. If correct, it will mean that Complexity Gaming (or whatever name they may choose to operate under) will be headed up by a trio of esports heads; Jason Lake, Alex Conroy, and Jason Bass. 

Jason Bass has had a long history in the esports community, mostly behind the scenes. He has helped run and manage esports organizations such as, gotfrag, CEVO, and most recently the CGS website team. He is recognized as a seasoned esports professional, which could prove extremely beneficial to the revival of Complexity. Recently, a CEVO official told us that Jason Bass has left CEVO to pursue something more "media related" at either "Complexity Gaming or ESFI". The official could not give us any certainty to whether he would go to Complexity but another anonymous source seems to corroborate our assumptions.

Jason Bass has declined for any comments concerning the matter.


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hot damn

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He'II be busy with ESFI

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