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ShinHan Bank Winners League kicks off!

Seoul, Korea - The ShinHan Bank Proleague's 3rd round, which starts in just a few short hours, will be known as the "Winners League", and will feature an all new format.

    The third round of the ShinHan Bank 2008-2009 Proleague is getting a facelift, with a new title and a new format. Known as the "ShinHan Bank Winners League", this round will be in a King of the Hill format as opposed to the regular Proleague format. In other words, as long as a player keeps winning, he or she will keep playing. This format brings in different strategies and workloads on different players, as they will either be more used or less used. Teams whose players lose their game will have one minute in between games to select their next player.

    There are also some other changes to the Winners League. Notably, the top 4 teams at the end of the Winners League will advance to a 4-team playoff in the traditional KeSPA style of 3v4, Wv2, Wv1. The regular season records of the Winners League will count towards the cumulative records of the regular Proleague, but the prior records from Rounds 1 and 2 will not count towards these playoffs.

    Other notable changes in Round 3 include the exchange of Neo Requiem for Tau Cross and the change in match times. Matches that had been previously scheduled for 14:00 KST are now an hour earlier, at 13:00 KST, and those usually scheduled at 18:30 KST were bumped back half an hour to 18:00 KST.


Source: sc2gg.com

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quote#1 CA fcnz 18/01/2009 - 15:55:42
After seeing the first matches ... WOW

Absolutely insane new format, I love it!

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