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Gravitas Gaming Recruits Hostile

“Gravitas Gaming, home of defending WCG USA champions, would like to announce the final member of its lineup with the addition of one of the most international experienced players around in Shaun “hostile” Catron,” they stated on their website.

The departure of Matt “PaTyoJoN” Iantosca and Dan “melher” Melher” put Gravitas down one member and forced their manager to play out the ESEA season.  Shaun “hostile” Catron, commonly known as “America’s Ringer”, had been released from EG.usa in December and could not find a new team to play with.  After a month of nothing, he finally found his home in the Gravitas team.

“Shaun brings with him lots of international experience playing with some of Americas best teams over the past couple of years” the press release added. “His talent will also ensure the team has what it takes to remain on top of the American scene and make a push for the teams first big international title.“

Adding Catron has made Gravitas completely west coast, likely an effort to make them both more consistent and have a better practice schedule.

The new roster has already been practicing hard and starting to feel comfortable with one another and will make their first LAN appearance later this month at the x3o winter event in Maryland.

The new Gravitas Gaming 1.6 Roster:

Ediz “GG.goodfornothing” Basol
Derrick “GG.impuslive” Troung
Ben “GG.ben” Hui
Thomas “GG.thoMz” Garcia
Shaun “GG.hostile” Catron

More information can be found here.

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quote#1 US Var1ables 15/01/2009 - 22:53:01
finally they got a fifth and hostile found the team, hopefully that becomes his home.

quote#2 US nick 18/01/2009 - 19:46:48
mehLer + PJ > this roster imo

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