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MaxFrag.net and XFactor Servers Partner With CAL

INSIDER ESPORTS – MaxFrag.net and XFactor Servers sponsor CALeague.com.

In two separate press releases, CAL League, one of America’s free to play leagues, just today announced two separate sponsorships.

The first is MaxFrag.net, who will be providing CAL with Ventrilo hosting.  MaxFrag.net (http://www.maxfrag.net), provider of Ventrilo server hosting services, announced that the company has come to terms with the Cyberathlete Amateur League (http://www.caleague.com) to provide hosting services for the Counter Strike 1.6 division. The addition of MaxFrag.net to the likes of CAL will provide teams easier access to high-quality Ventrilo servers provided by this quality assured company” they said on the CAL website.

The other sponsor is XFactor Servers, who will be providing CAL with league servers.  Full details of the partnership were not announced in both situations, but it does appear that CAL is working to provide for their community.


About MaxFrag.net

MaxFrag.net has been providing quality controlled Ventrilo servers to the gaming community for years, providing only the best customer support possible while keeping competition fluid between hosting companies. With their low prices and numerous testimonials, MaxFrag.net has become the company to deal with communication services.

Use coupon "CAL" for 25% OFF your Ventrilo Servers


About XFactor Servers:

XFactor Servers have been providing the gaming community low latency game servers across the United States at an affordable price. Having locations throughout America, XFactor Servers have found the grounds between reliable customer support as well as high quality servers. Sponsoring a variety of gaming teams in the community, XFactor Servers have established a name among the likes of numerous clients.

For more information on the services of XFactor Servers, be sure to visit their website for pricing and testimonials at http://www.xfactorservers.com. 

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quote#1 US ottobohn 24/05/2009 - 08:35:31
Do not rent from xfactorservers.com They have terrible customer service and takes 3-5 days to get an answer. If you do have any problems with this guy, he takes over your server and uses it against you. He is bad business.

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