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Microsoft: "Have confidence in our produ..


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Microsoft: "Have confidence in our products."

The 360 has been plagued with hardware problems since its inception back in November 2005. Personally, I have experienced three red rings and one disc drive failure in my three short years of owning it. My Playstation 3 and Wii? They run flawlessly -- and considerably quieter than the Xbox 360, too. However, Microsoft has rolled out a new Xbox 360, one that has a brand new motherboard, sporting a quiet and cool 65nm CPU. In an interview with ars technica, Aaron Greenberg, group project manager for the Xbox 360, said, "...we believe the type of consumer that's buying an Xbox today, they should be able to buy with confidence."

If you should be in the market for a console, ensuring you get one of these Jasper models is quiet easy; peer into the little opening of the box and check for the following: 12,1A. It should be below the barcode That would be the amps the Jasper uses to run. If you're not too picky, anything below the 14,2A (the Falcon model) should do.


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quote#1 US Krunk 14/01/2009 - 14:55:55
Damn, were the same lol. 3 red rings and a disk drive error lol.

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