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MugNMouse Announces New CS 1.6 Lineup

INSIDER ESPORTS - Following the release of unproductive members, an old American team welcomes some new faces.

After a disappointing placing in CEVO, and poor showing overall in the American scene in general, they decide to change up the roster in hopes of future success. Mug n' mouse's manager, Ross Cataldo, chose to let the only two orginal members from the old mug n' mouse decide, Josh "punkville" Dacus  and Travis "tuBBy" Bechtolm,  decide who to pick up,which took a while as many teams were facing the same problem of members going inactive, and they 3 former BombSquad members,all of which were previously on mug n' mouse at one time or another.

Cataldo would like to make clear that the reason for the 3 members leaving is because they didn't “click” and because all of them were going into the army, which would take up most of their time.

They are planning on attending all the major events in the next year, including ESWC, WCG, and ESL events, kode5 and competing in CEVO. Currently though, they are focusing on placing well in CEVO and seeing how things will work out in the long run.

The new lineup for Mug n' Mouse is:

Josh "punkville" Dacus
Travis "tuBBy" Bechtol
Alex "hazard" Martins
Ric "iNERTiA" Bundy
Andy "icy" Keefe

For more updates stay tuned to insideresports.com or visit MugNMouse's website, www.mugNweb.com.

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quote#1 US Portland 11/01/2009 - 18:53:52
Promising lineup, good luck mugn!

quote#2 CA Justin 11/01/2009 - 19:58:14
Good luck guys.

quote#3 CA CounTeR 11/01/2009 - 20:20:45
C(_) N ~(_`>.

quote#4 CA student 13/01/2009 - 05:59:45
Good luck hope this lineup will give good results!

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