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CEVO-P CSS Championship Tournament

INSIDERESPORTS - CEVO.com completes day one of its CS:S Professional Championship tournament.

A solid number of matches occured today, Saturday, January 10th, with the final picture for the playoffs becoming clearer and clearer.  A suprise loss by #1 seeded Jax Money Crew is going to bring a different look to the later rounds of the tournament.  KEYBOARD SMASHERS also had a loss to #3 seeded Masternooks Warriors of Doom, and following that lost to #6 seeded Cyber Revolution in the loser's bracket.  The tournament itself is double-elimination, so teams have had a chance to redeem themselves if they lost a match.  Tomorrow will be the "Best of Three" championship, which means that three different matches will be played on three different maps.  The lower bracket winner has yet to be determined, so that will be the first match, but it is not described as a best of three setup, only a singular match.

You can view the brackets and results here.


For more information about this tournament, click here.

Insider eSports will follow tomorrow's action with a playoff summary and match stats for each match.

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quote#1 US truth 11/01/2009 - 00:14:47
who the fuck are Masternooks Warriors of Doom ?

quote#2 US aGent^ 11/01/2009 - 12:31:47
Originally posted by US truthwho the fuck are Masternooks Warriors of Doom ?

Nice team name, right? :D

quote#3 US drago 11/01/2009 - 15:25:30
ouch JMC just got upset by Masternooks Warriors of Doom
I hope JMC will win the finals though >_

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