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French Land Tour: PureLAN 10 Preview

INSIDER ESPORTS - J-C "Seiko" Gaudet takes a look at the upcoming PURELAN in Montreal.

As I said in my first article on our new website, I have the great opportunity to word-up what the kings of the CoD community has to say to their kingdom, to point out my opinions on several subjects concerning the game we all hate or love, depending which one we’re talking about. Today, the thing I care the most of them all, my homeland, the French land. Some of you may know I have the opportunity to have more contacts with my fellow Quebecers while I am organizing every Call of Duty event in the major Quebec LANs.

Next week, at this precise hour, I will be playing with my Excel data and other website stuff to update my 3rd event as Head Admin as we call it. I never had the opportunity to participate to the now famous PureLAN, very popular event in “La province du Lys”. Replaced by the now deceased CoreLAN, which failed miserably after only two events, the PureLAN is back with his 10th edition with games such as Counter Strike 1.6, Counter Strike Source, Call of Duty 4, Starcraft, Guitar Hero and much more. This event will mark the return of the now famous electronic Gaming evolution (eGe) CSS team featuring players such as AZK, PEX, Legend, TN and Solrak.

It will also be a big event for the Call of Duty tournament because it’s the first time that only competitive teams are registered and we also have the luck (really?) to have our first American teams to cross the border to drive in our snowy streets, our -30C and also our amazing night life. Yes, Montreal is hosting a new event, and this one is the beginning of a new era for the major Quebec gaming events. I am more than sure than the next edition of the ETS LAN in March will be the biggest success the LQJR (Ligue Québécoise de Jeux en Réseau / Online Gaming Quebec League) ever had only because of the massive amount of American teams showing up. Who would’ve bet that Vinny would cross the border with his Hummer! I’ve warned some of my friends to bring some noise cancelling headset to avoid the yelling! To be honest, this really proves me that at least two Quebec events now have what it takes to bring the big teams at their northern neighbors’ home.

Now, the famous quote, “So which frenchy is going to toggle this time?”. I mean, let’s be honest, most Quebecers speak French yes, but they aren’t dumb. A lot of you guys would be surprised to see what Fa|er was able to do on LAN and still fails at PB, please Joueflux bring the screenshots. I can’t wait to see Chimpae’s face if he ever plays 36 Mafia. I will be your host for this tournament played with CEVO rules, round robin and double elimination seeded by the results.

What are the teams to watch for this event, cod-wise? Some big names are getting together for this event, we have a Fate Gaming reform team under the name of Str8 Ballin featuring Pandemic-Nicolas, Piggy, Trudel, x3o-Luke and NEF|master1337. Among the others, MoB Deep (Chimpae, Frizz, Skepticx1, kpwnage, Joueflux), Pushing The Limits (4r3al, kuN, unaturaL, veksen, Hatred) and Zen Mechanics (Korea, Fission, QB, CBK, corasaurus) are serious contenders for the total prize pot of 1350$ CAN. My predictions on this event would be 1- MoB Deep, 2- Pushing The Limits, 3- Str8 Ballin and since I am not managing anyone I won’t be yelling like I used to do, I will still cheer for my old mates though…

Updates are being released in French on pl10.lqjr.qc.ca or on the CAL Forums’ CoD4 Main section daily and I will probably be making blog updates on InsiderEsports’ website while having my fellows NoskoLP, Elek and StormLP helping and/or disturbing me … second choice is obviously the one I will have to face I guess.

The event should start Saturday in the morning with the beginning of our round robin. Friday is our time to prepare for the players to finally enjoy a gaming event at Edouard-Montpetit College after two miserable failures of the CoreLAN at the same place. Let the teams speak for themselves and prove what they have in their guts.

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quote#1 US Ensane 11/01/2009 - 06:28:04
This seems like a good lan. Good luck to all the teams thats go.

quote#2 CA fX 11/01/2009 - 09:55:21
jap is going.

quote#3 CA Justin 11/01/2009 - 12:07:47
Glad to see MoB Deep/Girls going, and others. Should promote the LAN nicely.

quote#4 CA stephi 11/01/2009 - 20:19:58
justin is so obsessssedddd with mob girls

quote#5 CA Se1Ko 17/01/2009 - 11:10:58
matches have just started, I'll try to make a Day 1 update tonight.

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