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Wow guys...... its been a LONG time.
Just drained.
Sorry for not being on.

Southern California hosts new tournament

What's going on California?! Yi Wang is hosting a tournament in the Southern California region and I got the scoop on what is going on.

First off, I want to say thank you for taking the time to sit down and do this interview. How did this tournament get started and how long has it been going on?

No problem, anything to help preserve the fighting game community at this point of my career. This tournament got started because I felt besides Evo which is a console based tourney, California, to be more specific Southern California, didn't have any arcade majors and with the opening of my good friend's arcade, Denjin Arcade, I thought it would be a good idea to throw a major and call it California Regionals.

I got the name from Norcal Regionals which is usually held every year in San Jose, CA but this year they were not able to do so, which gave me a further incentive to try to run a major here in Socal which would be attended by Socal players and Norcal players. Of course, I did not know it would become this big, with players coming from Oregon, Hawaii, Arizona, Vegas and other places.

Ideas for tournaments and majors in Socal have always crossed my mind and been on my mind. It just wasn't til these last few months that the oppurtunity became perfect. For me, there is no reason to have a regional if it isn't the perfect oppurtunity to do so, when I mean perfect, I look at a good weekend (MLK), good location, interest and especially with the peak of SF4 right now, just makes it more sweet. I have always wanted to do some of the ideas that I've seen from tournaments in Japan and whatever ideas that come across my mind. This was the perfect oppurtunity for some of that to come through.

I also see that you are using alot of grassroot fighter games that are sure to attract the masses. How big of a turnout are you expecting?

Yes, I took the main SF games throughout my career, which started back in 2001, concentrating mostly on Street Fighter and the arcade ports. These are the games that, in my opinon, will never die, the immortal 5? I didn't expect such a big turnout to tell you the truth, I mean Denjin is relatively new and doesn't have the creditibility as a great place to hold a major since it has never had one before. I was mainly expecting the Socal fighting scene, some players from Norcal, but definitely not all the other states that seem to be so excited about this event. So I am expecting, maybe an estimate for the 2 more popular games, 3rd Strike and SF4, about maybe 60-80 for 3rd Strike and SF4 each game. To tell you the truth, I really don't know how many people are going to be there, the more I read the forums, the more I see people saying they are buying their tickets coming to Simi Valley.

Who do you think the big winners are going to be in each bracket?

Who do I think the winners will be? Ok well, there are team tournaments on Saturday and singles on Sunday, so let me give you a rundown on who I think will win the big main games (the immortal 5).

Sunday Singles:
MvC2: From Norcal this player named Chunk is coming down, he has placed top 8 at Evo many times, although anyone can win Marvel, I think he has a
great chance to win it.
ST: One of the old school ST guys, probably Mike Watson or Alex Valle. The legends themselves.
CvS2: Gene aka Hail and Kill from San Diego or Ricky Ortiz from NorCal are my two bets to win CvS2, I don't think anyone except these 2 will win CvS2.
3rd Strike: I hope I can win it haha. But really, I have a good chance of winning but 3rd Strike has so many great great players that can all win, such as Amir, Ken Inoue, Vic Vance, Emphy, myself, and many many others.
SF4: SF4 is so up in the air because it is a new game, but the 2 players I think are the best are Gootecks and Combofiend, and I think it will come down to those 2. They are the most solid players I have seen in SF4 so far.

As for the main event, the Battle for California, the 5on5 between Norcal and Socal in 5 games, this is who I think will win the 5 games.

MvC2: Socal because they will have their 5 best players on the team whereas I don't think all the best players from Norcal are coming.
CvS2: Whoever wins between Gene and Ricky Ortiz.
ST: Socal because the legends, Watson, Valle and Shirts will be on the team.
3rd Strike: Probably the most balanced out of the 5 games, but I think Socal has a bit more firepower and will take this.
SF4: Socal no doubt. I don't think any region plays SF4 as much as Socal does.

Okay. Once again, thank you for taking the time to sit down and do this
interview. As alot of you Insider eSports fans know, we will bring you the
results from this tournament as they become available. Stay tuned!

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quote#1 US moGwai 16/01/2009 - 07:50:06
I wonder if there's any floor coverage by the event, I'd love to see some good POV action.

quote#2 US TheUltimateGamer31 17/01/2009 - 12:01:52
Originally posted by US moGwaiI wonder if there's any floor coverage by the event, I'd love to see some good POV action.

I'm sure there will be POV action. I'll message the gent I interviewed to have him link me the vids.

quote#3 KR jookie 20/02/2009 - 00:19:04
I love the fighting game scene. Also 2D > 3D kekeke

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