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Insider eSports speaks with filldoh

Hey all you fighting game enthusiasts. If your in the South Carolina area and you have the time and money next weekend, Philip "filldoh" Raimondo is hosting a balls to the walls tournament. You can sign up here. In an interview exclusive to IE, I sat down with the man running the show to ask him a few things about this tournament and what his thoughts are on who could be some potential big winners.

First off, I want to say thank you for taking the time to sit down and do this interview. How did this tournament get started and how long has it been going on?

Actually there was a tournament being held by a fellow Shoryuken member called Down South Clash about 30 min outside of this town. the guy who ran it(Bobsmack) moved and since then we have had no tournament scene. I had been waiting for someone to pick up the mantle and run with it for about a year and I was going to volunteer my help.

No one seemed interested in running one so I took it upon myself. The first thing I needed was a venue. In my normal job I sell televison advertising for a local CBS affiliate, and one of my clients that runs a LAN cafe(LFG Gaming) fit the bill. Now having a venue I contacted some locals (Nachobusiness, Unclebuck, Shamar among others) that could help supply equipment. After about 2 months of planning the first G-Vegas Beatdown was born. I was expecting a very small tournout for the first one because I just wanted to get my feet wet with this, but with only a months notice 60+ people showed up, from as far as 3 hours away! Now that showed me that this was something that a lot of people really wanted, so I decided to do this every Quarter.

I notice that the tournament is called "G-Vegas" and that it's NOT being held anywhere near the Las Vegas area. Is there some kind of backstory on this?

It is actually very simple, the town I live in is called Greenville, SC. For a log time the town has been called G-vegas(dont know the origin I think people just think it sounds cool)

I also see that you are using a lot of grassroot fighter games that are sure to attract the masses. How big of a turnout are you expecting?

This one should be about the same as last time 60+ because of the time of the year but the hype for these is just starting to grow.

Who do you think the big winners are going to be in each bracket?

Well the funny thing about this area is you never know who will show unexpectedly but I would guess.

SC4 . JTO, Bigboi, or Wingzero Tekken DR...See SC4 GG..I would think Tak was the favorite but we have a lot of great people at GG
SF3rd...Face has to be the favorite after winning last time.
STHD... Jesus, or Unclebuck should be the Finals
Smash...Anyone's Game

But we will know more after the 18th because tournaments are the only way to prove who the best is.

Okay. Once again, thank you for taking the time to sit down and do this
interview. As alot of you Insider eSports fans know, we will bring you the
results from this tournament as they become available. Stay tuned!

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