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Lost Saga MSL Round of 32 Groups

Seoul, Korea - With selection ceremony complete, the Lost Saga MSL Round of 32 is set to kick-off.


            The always fun MSL Selection Ceremony took place earlier today, with the 32 players picking and choosing their groups and trash talking abound. Some of the groups look to be stacked to the hilt, while others appear to be sure walkovers for their players. Read on to see the group selections.


Group A: Ma "sAviOr" Jae-yoon vs. Kim "Bisu" Taek-yong, Park "maGma" Moon-ki vs. Kim "ZerO" Myung-eun


Group B: Kim "Kal" Ku-hyun vs. Park "Luxury" Chan-soo, Shin "Leta" Sang-moon vs. Park "HyuK" Jae-hyuk


Group C: Heo "JangBi" Yeong-moo vs. Byun "Iris" Hyung-tae, Park "Tempest" Jae-yung vs. Jung "fantasy" Myung-hoon


Group D: Yoon "free[gm]" Yong-tae vs. Kwun "Doctor.K" Oh-hyuk, Lee "Horang2" Kyung-min vs. Han "Kwanro" Sang-bong


Group E: Park "YellOw[ArnC]" Myung-soo vs. Shin "UpMagiC" Hee-seung, Park "Much" Yeong-min vs. Jo "by.hero" Il-jang


Group F: Lee "Firebathero" Sung-eun vs. Lee "Flash" Young-ho, Lee "Jaedong" Jae-dong vs. Jin "Hwasin" Yung-soo


Group G: Lee "NaDa" Yoon-yeol vs. Kim "FrOzean" Dong-kun, Min "RuBy" Chan-ki vs. Ko "Canata" In-kyu


Group H: Byung "Stork" Song-gu vs. Park "fOrGG" Ji-soo, Yum "Sea" Bo-sung vs. Kim "go.go" Chang-hee


            The round of 32 kicks off play on January 15th, 2009 at 18:30 KST (4:30 AM EST) with group A.

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