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A Response to Mike's Poem

ESL America Launches New Years Cup

INSIDER ESPORTS - The Electronic Sport League (ESL) America has launched a new CS 1.6 competition for the new year.


 ESL America has recently posted details about their new CS 1.6 competition; the New Years Cup. The tournament will be a best of three, single elimination style and is free for anyone to participate.

"The year has come and gone, and now we are ready to welcome 2009 during this New Years holiday. To celebrate, ESL and your CS 1.6 admins decided it would be a good idea to welcome the new year with some exciting CS action."


Team Limit: 32 teams, best of three, single elimination
Fadetoblack: Optional
Overtime Settings: 5 round halves; 10k start money
Map Pool: dust2, train, nuke, inferno
Sides: Teams knife for sides
Rosters: Rosters will lock at cup start
Server Settings: ESL rules and config must be used with Aequitas every match.
Files: All ten players from each match are required to upload their aequitas file within one hour of match end or the match will be overturned.
IRC: #esl.cs @ gamesurge.net


For more information visit www.esl-america.net

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