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RE5 & Star Ocean Bundled 360s In Japan

TEAMXBOX.com - Japan gets one-up on American gamers as Star Ocean 4 and Resident Evil 5 bundled Xbox 360s are announced for release by Microsoft.

It seems that the Japanese always get things well before us Americans, and it seems as though that trend will continue with Microsoft's American system. The Star Ocean 4 bundle will include an Xbox 360 Arcade System along with a copy of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Let's not stop there as Japanese gamers will also receive a Star Ocean 4 faceplate for their system along with a Star Ocean Sound Best Collection soundtrack CD that is valued at a total of about $268 American.

For Resident Evil fans, Microsoft will be releasing the Xbox Pro System with a 60GB hard drive as well as the Resident Evil (Biohazard) 5 Deluxe Edition. This version of the game is enclosed in a metal casing that holds not only the game but a soundtrack CD. Despite not coming with a Resident Evil-themed faceplate, the system will come with a redemption code for a Resident Evil 5 premium theme for use on the NXE. At an estimated $375 American, this is one great bargain.

As if that weren't enough, Japanese Xbox gamers will see both of these bundles released on February 19, a month before Americas release of Resident Evil 5.



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