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CAL IPT Round 2

With teams fighting harder than ever in the IPT, teams are now striving to stay in for another round. The lower bracket matches will be a do or die situation with the winner advancing and the loser dropping out of IPT and into main. It is now round 2 of the IPT  in CAL, and what a rough week for IPT it has been with the #1 and #2 seed being knocked down into the lower brackets as well as the PK/Aquaforte match getting overturned due to a player whom was ban evading. Team Visual Gaming will be replacing them in the lower brackets as the third seed.

Beginning on January 7th 2009 both the lower and upper brackets play on de_train.

Invite Placement (IPT) Upper Bracket – Round 2 (de_train)

January 7th 2009


Annex (16) vs Sure`shot (PUGNACITY) (9)

Sure`shot 16>5 Annex

Time:  8:00 or 9:30 CST

Source TV:  connect

Finale (12) vs Second Nature (4)

Second Nature 19>15 Finale

Time:  9:30 CST

Source TV:  connect tv2.quantum-servers.com:3013

Aquaforte Whalers (14) vs Men2005 (6)

Men2005 16>10 Aquaforte Whalers

Time:  9:00 CST

Source TV:  TBA

Stormakt (10) vs vertex^ (15)

Sotrmakt 16>7 vertex^

Time:  11:00 CST

Source TV: stv4.galoregameservers.com:27021


Invite Placement (IPT) Lower Bracket – Round 1 (de_train)

January 7th 2009


Ridiculous Gaming (1) vs quickswitch (8)

Ridiculous 16>14 quickshift

Time: 10:00 CST

Source TV:  No

Above (5) vs PRIDE (13)

Above 16>11 Pride

Time:  10:00 CST

Source TV:  connect

Visual Gaming (EZ5) (3) vs Best Kept Secret (11)

Visual Gaming 16>14 Best Kept Secret

Time: 9:30 CST

Source TV: stv12.galoregameservers.com:27020

Landscapers (Backslash) (7) vs All Business (2)

Landscapers 16>14 All Business


Source TV:-


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quote#1 US mascot 06/01/2009 - 21:22:38
I look forward to playing Vertex^ on train!

quote#2 US mascot 07/01/2009 - 16:16:53
The time for our match is 11:00PM CST.

quote#3 US mascot 07/01/2009 - 22:56:19
Stormakt > Vertex^ (16-7)

It was a very good game guys!

quote#4 US PuttsMoBilesiCit 08/01/2009 - 06:55:55
No Sync. But thats fine. They got CSS Cal-i clutched already ;D

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