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CEVO CS Placement Tournament Round 3

CEVO.com – CEVO’s Counter Strike Placement tournament group play continues tonight with several 2-0 teams facing off.

Round three begins tonight for CEVO Placement with many decisive matches.  Several teams’ fates are hanging in the balance while others are looking to secure their position in the brackets.

Group A play tonight is Dynasty Gaming vs. Pulse Gaming and Something Tasteful vs. Arcane.  Dynasty has almost won twice, but the PG Roster has been performing fairly well; their only loss is too the unconfirmed (but likely) Canadian roster for EG.  Something Tasteful, as stated, is arguably the strongest team in the division and current division leaders, so it will be tough for Arcane to win.

Group B play has been the ‘problematic’ group.  Mug N Mouse has withdrawn from the event and the other teams have been a mess.  North Stars United has looked the most consistent so far having taken down Green Berets and MRD.  North Stars United will play zeroFaith tonight while MRD and Green Berets will face off tonight.  Unless North Stars United lose tonight, MRD and Green Berets will be fighting for second tonight.

Group C play is Phoenix Connection, now known as GG No Re., vs. Devastation and Hyeng’s Money Crew vs. ENH.  Neither of the later two teams have looked great so far and tonight will determine who has a chance to make the brackets should GG No Re. or Devastation lose more than one.  Pulse Gaming has the night off, but it will take a miracle for them to make it, as they took two early losses to GG No Re. and Devastation.

Group D features undefeated POV vs. eMazing Gaming, also undefeated.  The winner will likely make the brackets with little trouble, while the other should also make the brackets as well.  It’s a battle for first seed, in other words.  However, Jax Money Crew is just behind them at 2-1.  They have the night off, but they’ll be looking for POV to lose to give them a shot to take the second seed.  Two Three and FURY Gaming also play tonight, but have little to no chance of making the brackets at this point.

The final group, Group E, features Sway Gaming facing Team 34 and The Realist Project facing off against To The Dome.  Sway has looked strong so far, so Team 34 will need a very solid plan to beat them.   The Realist Project and To the Dome is a tossup match and could go either way.  Dynamo has the night off.


Insider eSports will have match information posted as we receive it.

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quote#1 US peawok 06/01/2009 - 15:22:22
Want to help write things like this? Message me on the site or send me an email!

quote#2 US Popcorn1 06/01/2009 - 15:47:06
I am liking North Stars United chances.

quote#3 US Mattmeh 06/01/2009 - 16:32:34
I hope GB wins. James is a great strat caller. :D

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