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Dustin Browder Interviewed by 1up.com

1up.com - Blizzard Lead Designer for StarCraft 2 Dustin Browder interviewed by 1up.com's Thierry Nguyen. In the interview, Browder talks about the games appeal, the new campaign, and everyone's favorite hero, Jim Raynor.


1up.com's Thierry Nguyen interviewed StarCraft 2's lead designer Dustin Browder recently, hitting on several different topics. Browder hit on the appeal of the game to both the competitive community and new players to the game. He also talked about the new campaign and the work put into it. Finally, Browder discussed the heroes of the StarCraft saga, particularly Jim Raynor.


When talking about the appeal to the two distinct communities, Browder acknowledged it was no easy task. He talked about how Blizzard was willing to accept the challenge and work on the two aspects. "Addressing the needs of both the hardcore and the casual players falls into one of Blizzard's core design philosophies, which is: 'easy to learn, hard to master,'" says Browder of the challenge. He goes on to explain how they intend to create a game that is friendly to all players with various spells and abilities for units to make the game more tactical and challenging at higher levels.


Later, Browder discusses the new campaign and the work being put into it. As you may or may not know, StarCraft 2 is being released in three games, each game highlighting one of the three races and their campaign mode. The first game, StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, will focus on the Terran campaign. Browder said that most of the work will be done for the second and third games after the completion of the first, only things related to the campaign and the races will be changed.


Finally, Browder touched on the heroes. The first campaign will be focused on marshal-turned-mercenary Jim Raynor and his travels around the galaxy. When asked if other fan favorites such as Zerg "Queen of Blades" Sarah Kerrigan or the Protoss dark templar and prelate Zeratul said, Browder was not hesitant to answer. He said that both will make significant appearances in the first campaign.


Read the full interview, as well as viewing some screenshots and gameplay footage, here.

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quote#1 CA exaN 06/01/2009 - 11:07:17
This game will be dope and I'm not even a RTS fan.

quote#2 US AGar 06/01/2009 - 13:27:33
Originally posted by CA exaNThis game will be dope and I'm not even a RTS fan.

I hope you're right.

quote#3 US Popcorn1 06/01/2009 - 17:03:06
I can not wait for SC2

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