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Killzone 2 Preorder Demo From GameStop

JOYSTIQ.com - According to national retailer GameStop, customers that purchase a $5 preorder for Killzone 2 will receive rights to a demo no earlier then February 3.

It may seem rather unbelieveable right now, but GameStop has decided to advertise a playable demo for Killzone 2 that will be given to customers that put down $5 towards the purchase of the game. The game's release is well over a month away on February 27, yet GameStop has guaranteed a private demo of the game to be released for preorders no earlier than February 3.

Does this mean that a public release will be on it's way shortly thereafter? Nobody can tell yet as only GameStop customers are included in any demo gameplay information as of now. All we can say is that if you are into the release of Killzone 2, go ahead and put in a couple of bucks to play the game weeks before anyone else has a chance to.


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