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Name: Ryan Aquafredda
Age: 22
Location: New York

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My Dream

My Dream

My dream is and always will be to become a pro gamer. I am still young and I have alot of time to get better. I think from what I hear from the current pros, I have a good chance of making it, Im 14 years old, and that is my dream.

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quote#1 CA Kai 05/01/2009 - 16:48:17
Good luck. Hope you achieve your dream someday.

That was and still is my dream, but for now I will do what I can to contribute to the esports community. And that is by writing my blog articles. :)

- Kai

quote#2 US moGwai 16/01/2009 - 07:54:44

"To all the young kids coming up, in Counter-Strike everything is about what they believe they can achieve. If they really believe it, they do have at least a good chance to be succesful."

- Quick

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