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Alienware Winter Fragfest Movie Released


Status Update: 05/01/09

Status Update: 05/01/09

First blog here on IE, and first blog ever. Figured I'd make use of this feature and provide some updates on my current film projects and just some other random thoughts.

CS:S Video Project: Player Movie - Limbcutter

This is a movie I'm about 35% into about the player Zack "Limbcutter" Hopcraft formerly CEVO-P and CAL-I with S4H/j1n/justBALLS/Hyper. He made a post on the CAL forums searching for a moviemaker, and at the time I had no projects so I shot him a PM and we began talking back and forth immediately. Not too long later I had his first batch of demos and was already editing and recording.

This movie features the editing type that Zach prefers, which is based on syncing and frags, rather than many effects. He is essentially co-directing the movie with me to produce a final product that pleases both of us. A tentative release date is around February but again, that is far from official.

As an exclusive to my IE blog I will list some info that can't be found elsewhere, here is the soundtrack so far.

Bloc Party - Ares
Saosin - Come Close

Here is the infprod project page which includes updates as well as screenshots.


Stay tuned to both my blogs and the infprod page for more updates.

CS:S Video Project: Community Movie - Elemental

This is Steamworks' gigantic project that is creating quite the buzz and starting quite the fad. Serp came to me and told me that he had the idea of a movie edited by all of the editors in Steamworks. I immediately loved this idea, as about a year ago me and skrill had the idea of editing a two team movie (Pandemic and EGE) with guest editors doing the intro and outro. That never came to be, so I still had the collaboration movie bug.

This movie will be edited by 5 of the 6 Steamworks editors. Skrill, tweezy, c12, serp, and myself. Each person will edit a roughly 2 minute long section. The largest draw about the movie will be the main theme that will tie it all together, and you may have guessed what that is from the title.

Each editor has chosen one of the classical Japanese elements and their section will be influenced and based on that element. As an IE exclusive I'll tell you right now, I am fire.

The movie is in very early stages and some of the editors haven't even downloaded their demos yet, but something this large will take time to perfect, and we have no intention of rushing something so monumental.

As I said in the intro to this section, this movie has created somewhat of a fad. Sure, collaboration movies are nothing new, they have been done in most every game that has frag movies, including source. However the last major collaboration release was ruSource which was made by three editors, and before that I can't remember another collaboration movie. Not 1 day after Steamworks' announced this movie Ghost Pictures released two movies they are producing, both collaborations. One being a two editor movie, the other a three editor movie. Kinda funny how that works, huh.

Here is the project page for Elemental, you can view screenshots (once we get that far) and more news there.


TRUM - Thoughts, Ramblings, Useless information and Musings

IE Site Release: Well after being asked by Alex (exaN) to come on board with IE about a month ago, I told him no because I was busy with other things, but I soon changed my mind and became the Head of Video Production.

My first project with IE was to create a Virtual Tour that would hype up the new site and give users a guide on all of it's features. I whipped up a professional and informative video with the voice overs by Jeff Cloherty and I think it really helped the site's release.

That's all for today, depending on how much I have to talk about I may do these semi-frequently, but odds are that these won't get read by anyone but me :]

Robert Ranz

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